Q: Can I bring my own alcohol?

A: No, we are a full service bartending company with a mixed beverage permit. This means we hold the permit that requires us to provide the alcohol as well as the non alcohol and the staffing.


Q: Can I take the left overs?

A: No, TABC views the event location as a permitted location. So just like you can not leave with alcohol from a club, you can not leave with alcohol from the venue. That is why we bill per person and not per bottle. You buy the time for a person to drink alcohol, not a set number of bottles.


Q: What is the difference between an unlimited open bar and a limited open bar? 

A: An unlimited open bar is just as stated, unlimited drinks for those that are 21 or over; however, we must obey the law and will cut someone off. Limited is based on a certain number of drinks to be served and when it is out, it's out.


Q: What is the price of an open bar?

A: Open bars start at $20 per person for a well bar and top off at $30 per person for a premium bar for 4 hours of service using house beers and wines.


Q: What is the difference between a ticket and cash bar?

A: A ticket bar is when the host buys a set number of tickets then it becomes a cash bar. A cash bar is just that...a cash bar where everyone must pay for their drink. 


Q: What is the price of a cash bar?

A: There is a minimum charge for $500 per bar to open a cash bar. This covers the operating costs of labor, delivery, set up, breakdown, ice, cups, etc... 


Q: What is the price of a ticket bar?

A: The base price of $500 still applies plus the number of tickets desired.


Q: What time to you arrive for an event?

A: Set up normally is 1.5 hours before the event it to start.


Q: Where can you work?

A: We can work anywhere in TX where the area is wet and the location does not have an alcohol permit or had a pending application for an alcohol permit.


Q: Why do we have to state the time of the service?

A: Each event we do has to be approved by TABC. TABC requires us to state the date, location, reason, and the time of the event. Therefore, we can not service alcohol before or after the time stated on the TABC paperwork.


Q: What if the reception is more than four hours?

A: We will adjust the bar price for the additional time. Normally $3-$5 per person for a open bar.


Q: Do you take special requests or signature drinks?

A: Yes, as long as know at the time of booking.


Q: What about champagne?

A: All bar that are booked for weddings will have champagne


Q: What if we want a different kind of wine or beer from the house brands?

A: We can get just about anything you may want. Keep in mind that the final bar price may be affected by the changes.


Q: What is the difference between a well bar, call bar, and premium bar?

A: A well bar has budget liquors, a call bar is a step above and a premium bar is top shelf liquors. For a list of brands, please go to the cocktails page.


Q: Can you help with other services?

A: We have lots of friends in the business. So we can get you started in the right direction. If you need more help, we can refer you to a professional wedding coordinator that can take care of all of your details. For a list, please go to the vendors page.


Q: What do you serve the drinks in?

A: We use clear plastic-ware to help keep the price of the bar to a minimum. All plastic-ware is clear (no dixie cups) and the beer is in cans but poured into cups. This helps us keep the prices down and more heavily stock the bar. We can do real glassware but it would require renting the glassware and hiring bussers. Look to add about $1000 to the bar price. 


Q: Can you do frozen drinks?

A: We can do frozen drinks but we do not own frozen drink machines. We have to rent them so look to add at least $300 for the rental, mix, and needed alcohol for the mix.

Q: What other events can you do?

A: Weddings are the majority of our business but we can do fund raisers, corporate dinners, awards banquets, casino nights, etc... just about anything.


Q: How long as ICIT been in business?

A: We have been in business for 23 years and do about 250-300 events a year. We work with some of the best in the business. 

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